Good Earth Electric Vehicle Proudly Presents The Industry's First Affordable, Practical, All Electric Vehicles, To Deliver A Full 100 Mile Range On Each Battery Charge.


Proudly Presents The Industry’s First
All Electric Vehicles

To Deliver A Full 100 Mile Range On Each Battery Charge
Reduce Your Fleet Consumption Of Gasoline By As Much As 30%
just by using “FREEDOM BUGGY” vehicles in appropriate applications.
Drive a “Freedom Buggy” Today and see for yourself what an
amazing vehicle this is.

The Good Earth drive technology calls on the battery pack to provide
precisely the amount of energy needed for the driving conditions being
encountered at that exact moment in time, but not one milliamp more.
It changes the power flow dozens of times each second to reflect
changes like going uphill or carrying a heavier load. Most drive systems
use a crude step-up or step-down system that often uses far more
energy than what is really needed. This revolutionary improvement
wastes none of the electric energy in the battery pack. Want proof?
Feel the motor and wires on the drive system and notice they are
 cool. Other systems produce heat - which is nothing but wasted
electrical energy.






How on earth can Good Earth
Electric Vehicle produce such
strong performance specifications
in affordably priced vehicles
when other larger companies
have failed to do so?

The answer lies in the patented
high-technology drive system and
unique battery packs that were
not available even two years ago.
The combination provides up to
98% operating efficiency


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